Give One Glove is proudly supported by many great members of the community! We thank you for all your generosity and dedication to this project.

“I am so encouraged to see you follow through on what you were burdened by over the course of the week you spent in the Dominican Republic. Many people walk away from mission experiences feeling called to use their life to make a difference in the lives of others. Few, however, follow through with that calling. Although life for most young men in the Dominican Republic revolves around the game of baseball, having a baseball glove of their own to participate in the game that they love, something that we take for granted here in the United States, is a privilege that only a few are able to enjoy. Your efforts to provide young men in the DR with their own baseball glove through is an awesome example of one using their life for a greater purpose than that of their own. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is very excited to partner with you in this tremendous outreach and we thank you for all you are doing.”

Bob Wiedemann
Atlanta Director of Community Sports

“On behalf of D1 Sports Training, we are proud of Tristan Triplett and his vision to assist baseball players all over the world. Not only will his organization be providing equipment, but also a small portrayal of God’s love. D1 places a strong emphasis on character and Tristan’s idea is a great example of servanthood. It gives us great honor to be an advocate for”

Sara Henderson
Operations Manager/Strength & Speed Coach

“I have been the Head Baseball coach at SCAD-Savannah for eleven years now and Tristan has attended many of my SCAD Baseball Camps and other baseball-related programs over that time. It has been a pleasure to see a such a fine young boy grow and mature into a teenager. Tristan is a person who has a very good spirit and has a kind, sharing heart. I can remember one of my Holiday Camps several years ago, Tristan sharing his lunch with a boy who did not have his lunch on the first day of the camp. By being the first camper to do so, the other campers started sharing their lunch with the boy as well.

The action I saw from Tristan on that day was a trait of servant leadership. Tristan has a great work ethic and a competitive “never give up” attitude. He has always been a ballplayer who is committed to the total team concept. I also coached Little League baseball against Tristan’s teams over the years and as he played third base and I coached in the third base coaching box, I often heard him give praise to the other team’s players when they did something good. In this action, Tristan exemplifies the word respect! Tristan is all about the respect of his peers (teammates and opponents), coaches, and officials. He is a fine young man and I know the GiveOneGlove Project will be a tremendous success! ”

Doug Wallenburg
SCAD Athletics

“I was recently introduced to Tristan Triplett and his baseball ministry, I was told the story of how God had worked in Tristan’s heart while he was on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and how was established to donate baseball gloves to young players in need. Tristan had learned of our work here in the inner city of Atlanta and wanted to know if we had a need for gloves and other baseball equipment. In short order, Tristan and his father made the drive to Atlanta to donate 30 gloves, a few bats, and some catcher’s equipment to FCA Urban Baseball. I am humbled by the faith, hope, and love of this young man. Most importantly, his love. Please consider giving a glove to help share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Savannah, Atlanta, and the world!”

Brent Slade
Atlanta Urban Baseball Director