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For the third year, Tristan and 15 teammates from the state of Georgia, traveled back to the Dominican Republic as part of Team FCA. This year Tristan was joined by his high school Head Baseball Coach, Jonathan Davis and two other Calvary Day players – David Townsend and Tripp Longgrear. UGA baseball standout, Colby May, also joined the group. Thanks to the support of many people, Tristan was able to donate more than 250 lbs of baseball equipment (mostly gloves) to Coach Mike Shaheen ( through Give One Each year is slightly different from a baseball perspective but the lasting impact of what the FCA players experience off the field remains the same. The boys attended Sunday services at a small village church near San Pedro. This service was unique because both Haitians and Dominicans attended church together. The sermon was delivered in both Spanish and Creole French. The boys also visited a girl’s home in Boca Chica called Pasitos de Jesus (little steps of Jesus). The first thing that greeted us was a dead puppy lying in the play area. It was a stark reminder that life is hard in the DR. We returned to the village known as “The Dump”, La Duquesa. Tristan traded a boy a pair of Nikes for the boy’s plastic flip-flops. There is a great picture of the boys showing off their new shoes. When it was time for us to leave the Dominican boy with the new Nikes gave Tristan a hug and called him his ‘American brother’. As expected, the baseball was competitive and our FCA team held its own but this trip is always about more than baseball.